Jinchen corporation founded conference

release date:2011-11-03 15:20:00 views:623

Jinchen machinery on November 2, 2011 in yingkou wealth spring hotel is a joint-stock company founded meeting, the first session of the board meeting for the first time, the first session of the first meeting of the board of supervisors. To attend this meeting were Yang Yan Li Yisheng company chairman and general manager, director and deputy general manager zhang Li Duixin fan-jie meng, technology vice President, financial vice President Chen Zhan qi-hui li, production vice President, sales vice President, etc.

The meeting concluded successfully is not only a periodic jinchen people working together to victory, but also all the jinchen people towards the beginning of a new chapter of the, believe that the company under the struggle of all my colleagues will struggle out of a better tomorrow!

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